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House Build Experience

Build something life changing

Sponsor a Build

Partner with a family to Build a House in 1 Day!

Whether you are an individual who wants to take some family and friends to have a special day together, a youth, church, or high school group that want to have a service day, or a business looking for a way to give back, our “Build-A-Home in a Day” and “Choose Your Own” or “CAP” Construction projects ensure children and their families have a safe, secure home to live in. We’re empowering communities to build, repair and maintain their homes through training and job skill development and you can be apart of it!

House Build Application
CAP Application

Prepare for a House Build

Be prepared and know how to have the best day possible with Corazón

Whether you are bringing a group for the first time or returning for another fantastic year with us, let us help you stay as organized as possible with “Our Guide to Your House Build Experience!” Our guide includes topics on FAQ’s about your trip, Group Leader checklist, fundraising tips, checklists to send to your group, housewarming gift ideas, how to register online, a schedule for the day and so much more!

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Volunteer Throughout the Year

Join the Corazon family! Become a Red Shirt and Blue Shirt

A well known fact in Corazon is that we are 1% staff and 99% volunteers. That means that a majority of the work we do is completely supported by volunteers that believe in what we do! Join our family and become a dedicated volunteer that supports Corazon year round in our construction and non construction events and activities! Check out our video and see below on how you can receive your Red and Blue Shirt during the year!

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Red Shirt

A red shirt signifies you have attended 4 events with our organization, and have expressed that you want to continue to commit to our organization in a bigger way. Events can include going to our Annual fundraiser, volunteering at events in Mexico, attending a house build, taking a training in Santa Ana, teaching a workshop or volunteering on a committee.

Blue Shirt

A blue shirt is earned by attending an additional 5 events in 1 calendar year. Once a blue shirt, you are not only a volunteer with Corazón, but a leader in our organization. You are an ambassador, committed volunteer, teacher, and advocate for what we do! Your leadership might be exercised in committee meetings, build sites, events you attend, or simply be serving with us faithfully!