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Topics include drug addiction, recovery, the impact of drugs on mental health, relationships, and society. Prominent guests like Jamie Lee Curtis, comedy icon Margaret Cho, or Steven Adler of Guns N’ Roses also recount their misadventures in the world of addiction. Addiction recovery podcasts help you get the right information to start or continue your journey to sobriety.

best recovery podcasts

Best Self-Help Podcasts to Listen to Right Now

Many of the tools are grounded in mindfulness — the practice of paying attention to the present moment, and to one’s thoughts, with an attitude of acceptance. Since the essence of anxiety for many people is worrying about an anticipated hypothetical scenario, this kind of approach can be ideal for breaking out of that mind set. Through her own struggles with an eating disorder, depression, and bipolar ll, Morley guides listeners as they take a look at their own spirituality on The Chasing Joy Podcast. She explores a new topic each week related to spirituality, wellness, and personal growth. That you leave each episode feeling more joyful, energetic, and focused on your journey. When Shane Ramer got sober in 2013, he decided to share his story, along with many others, on his podcast, That Sober Guy.


By listening to the stories of others who have overcome addiction and hearing expert advice on navigating sobriety, listeners can gain valuable insights and tools for their own journey to recovery. Tricia Lewis quit drinking alcohol in November 2016 and hasn’t looked back since. She hosts and produces Recovery Happy Hour, a podcast that celebrates inspiring stories of recovery from alcohol addiction and misuse. On her podcast, Tricia discusses life beyond the bottle and what happens after we get sober.

  • The Sober Friends Podcast is here to share our experience strength and hope overcoming our addiction to alcohol and drugs.
  • The podcast’s subjects range from personal stories of drinking and recovery to sobriety tools.
  • If you or someone you know is experiencing difficulties surrounding alcoholism, addiction, or mental illness, please reach out and ask for help.
  • Recovery Happy Hour pays that effort forward, publishing weekly episodes that help other people learn that they’re not alone either.
  • There’s not one way to maintain sobriety and everyone has to eventually find their own path.
  • “The Unruffled Podcast” examines how creativity can help people in recovery.
  • If you haven’t experienced some sense of overwhelm in the past several years, then you’re extremely well adjusted, or completely detached.

Meeting People as Individuals

best recovery podcasts

When she quit drinking in 2019, she dedicated herself to learning about alcohol’s influence on the brain and how it can cause addiction. Today, she educates and empowers others to assess their relationship with alcohol. Gill is the owner of the Sober Powered Media Podcast Network, which is the first network of top sober podcasts.

  • There are many paths to getting sober, but whatever path you choose, quitting drinking is only the beginning.
  • You can also learn more about twelve-step programs in general if you’re still deciding if they’re for you.
  • They organise sober trips and events to put the inspiring words into action.
  • When you don’t have time to go to couples counseling, why not bring the therapist to you?

How Your Thoughts May Change in Sobriety

‘The Mental Illness Happy Hour’